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Energy Rated Windows

We all want our homes to be safe and comfortable. Choosing the right windows and doors is a great place to start. We are all conscious of the need for efficient use of energy in these days of global climate change and potential environmental impact. If the windows in your home consist of single or older double glazed units, replacing them with energy efficient windows will save you money. Energy rated windows can typically reduce heat loss by over 20% compared to more conventional ones with the associated reduction in heating bills, a distinct added attraction in the current economic climate.

At CMG we have combined the latest technological advancements in both the glass and PVC sectors to allow us to produce “A” and “B” rated windows across our colour range. We offer a 60mm PVC frame for the replacement window market and a 70mm frame for the new housing market both of which are glazed with howe argon filled, warm edge spacer glass units as standard.

Window u value 1.4.

The range also includes a Triple glazed system, this is a 70mm frame glazed with a 44mm lowe argon filled, warm edge spacer glass unit. Window u value 0.8

5 Reasons to buy rated windows from CMG.

  • Energy efficient windows can reduce heat loss by more than 20% and can reduce heating bills by an estimated 10%.
  • “A” and “B” rated windows available in a arrange of colours.
  • Maintenance free Pvc – u frames in a wide variety of styles.
  • Guarantee on frames, glass and ironmongery.
  • Can help you achieve a better BER, which will potentially increase the value of your house.
  • Won’t cost the earth.


windows galwayRecycled Reinforcement Material

Manufactured from waste PVC- U recycled reinforcement material from Profile 22 is a unique alternative to steel or aluminium reinforcement for window frames offering superb benefits to the homeowner.

  • 100% recycled composite material reinforcement fully and easily recyclable.
  • RCM has a screw pull out value greater than stead.
  • Strong and secure.
  • Increases thermal efficiency.
  • More than 35 years life expectancy.
  • Does not corrode or rust.
  • PVC-U can be recycled over 10 times without deterioration in service performance and has a total lifespan of 400 years.

windows galwayWindow Styles

A diverse range of colour foil finished designed to achieve a long-lasting completely maintenance free stylish quality PVCU windows and doors.

Staying safe and secure

Whilst helping to keep you warm, new or replacement windows and doors can also offer you peace of mind of knowing that your property and possessions are suitably protected when you are out or away from home. The better quality CMG modern windows and doors are internally beaded for glazing and use multi-point locking mechanisms to prevent them from being forcibly opened.

For safety’s sake, innovative for escape hinge designs are available and restricted opening hinges can be used to make your windows more safe and secure.

Steps to choosing an energy efficient Insulated glazed Unit

1. The most important thing you can do is select a low emissivity coating – e.g. hard coat or soft coat. In almost all applications, the use of a low e coating will be necessary to meet building control regulations of a 1.8 U-value.


windows galway
2. Select a good quality warm edge spacer
Super-Spacer is a foam-based spacer bar and therefore 950x less conductive than standard aluminium bars.

windows galway

3. Argon decreases the heat lost by the IGU through convection. The use of an Argon fill further improves the comfort levels experienced in a room through reduced “chill factor”.

windows galway

4. Finally, for ultimate WER, select a low iron glass for the outer pane – Low iron glass gives maximum light transmission and perfect clarity.

windows galway

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